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to you. now to the san bruno explosion and the major cleanup effort that's about to get underway there. today, victims of the explosion were given one last chance to go to their homes and sift through any remainings that remain before cleanup crews move in tomorrow. we're also learning how much the cleanup effort may cost. maureen naylor is live with our report. >> reporter: the official cleanup begins at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it was supposed to start today but was delayed to get all of the equipment in place. i want to point out to you, this behind me, in the last hour, he spoke to the owners of this home and they said theirs will be the -- will be among the first tomorrow. the biggest concern is the delicate removal of toxic waste in the rubble. >> we know the material contains levels of metal, potential, asbestos, all sorts
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of other chemicals. the material handled is hopefully not going to become a health problem. >> reporter: as of tomorrow, the county says this burn area will be offlimits to homeowners, though several people sifted through the rubble today. >> our home is destroyed. there's probably some little things that are still inside there. >> i'm curious how they are gonna protect the houses from this constant wind that comes off the ocean that's right down the street. you know, the cleanup they have done now, are they gonna have to reclean it after that? >> reporter: this retired firefighter wanted to make sure he came down before the cleanup began to take pictures of the site where he helped rescue a severely burned neighbor almost two weeks ago. i just wanted to restrict it -- reconstruct it in my own mind and give myself some peace of mind. i've been thinking about it a lot. >> reporter: the county says it
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typically costs between $0,000 and $40,000 -- $30,000 and $40,000 to clean up one home. there's 37 here. as we speak, a workshop is just getting underway for residents who lost their homes to help them in the rebuilding process. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. today, the official death toll from the san bruno pipeline explosion rose to seven. >> the san mateo county coroner confirmed three members of the bullis family died. dna was used to identify 50- year-old gregory bullis and his 85-year-old mother. the coroner also confirmed remains found at the family home were those of 17-year-old william james bullis. the family had already acknowledged their deaths. pg&e crews began to dig up a natural pipeline running right underneath a densely populated area. but it's not in san bruno. recent tests uncovered a
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potential problem with this pipe in south san jose near the east ridge shopping mall. a robot inside picked up what appeared to be a dent. >> we got the the results -- the results back last wednesday. so we are seeing was under the ground and making what repairs are necessary. >> samples near the pipe and soil will be determining the remaining use of the line and we have continuing coverage of the explosion on, including more information about pg&e's response since the fire. tonight, one of oakland's largest employers has a plan to move hundreds of jobs out of the city and into suburbs. clorox says they will move 500 workers to their pleasanton location by the end of next year. ken pritchett is live at clorox headquarters in downtown oakland with the reason for the move. ken? >> reporter: well, frank, the
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clorox company says it is not going anywhere. its corporate headquarters will remain right here in this building in downtown low oakland -- downtown oakland. but the impact it will have worries some businesses. >> clorox has been here for a long time and they are the majority of my customers. >> reporter: this man owns the fountain cafe, just a few dozen yards from the clorox building. >> we'll definitely feel the void of 500 people. >> obviously, disappointment any time there is a move to take that number of employees from the city, it's disappointing. >> reporter: this man says it's too early to know the economic impact of clorox's move. the man who owns the restaurant has reason to concern. this is where roughly 500
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workers in oakland will be transferred over the next year. >> the driver for this was really innovation and allowing us to get more growth for our business. >> reporter: wayne delker says the company will take the company's product and research located in pleasanton and put them under one roof at the clorox campus but he says the company's long ties and headquarters will remain in oakland. >> more than 60% of our employ ayes located in the bay -- employee located in the bay will remain. we are committed to that community. >> reporter: about 200 contract workers will also make the move. the company will lease out empty space created by this move at its downtown headquarters. and they believe that leasing out that space in the long wrong may bring more people downtown. workers for bayer
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pharmaceuticals rallied demanding the company give 39 laid off employees their jobs back. [ chanting ] >> the union says they don't understand why bayer is laying off people while the profits are increasing. >> basically, trying to get ahold of communications with the company so we can sit down and discuss and negotiate the future. >> bayer says the layoffs were unfortunate but necessary as it increases efficiencies at the plant. the company says those workers were given severance packages and job placement assistance. 's doeby's stock took a dive at the closing bell. the san jose shot ware -- software stocks were down. adobe products projects slow
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sales will continue in the coming months. that coupled with the trop in microsoft led to the dow jones being down and the nasdaq, which carries both adobe and microsoft, fell almost 15 points. muni appears to be taking a hit when it comes to customer satisfaction. fewer riders approve of the job the transit agency is doing. david stevenson is in san francisco to break down the numbers. david? >> reporter: julie, riders put a dent in moon nip's approval -- muni's approval rating. >> it's a great system but the but ga boos will -- bugaboos will drive you crazy. >> reporter: a survey ranks them at 37%. it's a drop in the favorable
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rating since the last survey in 2007. it's the lowest rating since 2001, when 47% of riders said they were happy with service. >> any time you are gonna raise numbers we're gonna move forward in the right direction. >> reporter: mta said there were fewer collisions in 2009 than 2008 and point out that service cuts made earlier this year have been restored. muni says much more needs to be done. >> on the south side, the bayview, very bad. it's supposed to be 20 minutes. in the evening you have to wait an hour. >> reporter: the report numbers -- comes as the mta is trying to transfer to clipper cards. last weekend, 140 people were
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cited for various forms of this and have been aware of the turnstile since july and are planning to fix it. >> the plan was to provide this software update by october. but because of the previous report that plan -- we're trying to get that done as soon as possible. >> reporter: the mts a asking the public to weigh in again -- mta is asking the public to weigh in again on this. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. across the bay, the ac transit board is deciding right now whether to make tas politic cuts to the financially -- drastic cuts to the financially operated bus. ac transit says it may outsource paratransit service for seniors and the disabled. the district hopes to stave almost $2 million a year -- to stave almost $2 million a year.
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jerry brown and meg whitman are in a dead heat for the governor's seat. but an exclusive new field poll shows more voters are undecided. the poll shows whitman and brown tied with 41% of likely voters supporting them. but the number of voters who don't know who they will vote for or are not incline to vote for either candidate edged up by 8% this month. brown and whitman have been statistically deadlocked for the past six months. the two debts for governor will go face to face next week. on tuesday they will debate the issue -- the two candidates for governor will go face to face next week. on tuesday, they will debate the issues next tuesday night live from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. democratic lawmakers are out looking for new sources. the budget is now 84 days late. many candidates are busy,
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raising money for the election. in the last three month, lawmakers raised about 6.9 million. >> it's pretty appalling to see our elected officials out there raising money for their own campaigns when they haven't even done the people's business and gotten our bucket passed in california. >> current state laws do little to hold elected officials accountable during budget stalemates. there are reports tonight that phillip and nancy garrido might be tried for the alleged kidnapping and false imprisonment of jaycee dugard more quickly than expected. the attorney for nancy garrido was told indicting them could happen and bypass a preliminary hearing, making it unnecessary for jaycee dugard and the two children he fathered with --
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phillip garrid to. fathered with her to testify. last night there was a shooting at macarthur and park boulevard. school officials called together classmates of 17-year- old raymond justice to give student as chance to talk about what happened. police say no arrests have been made. they don't know what led to that shooting. a veteran san jose police officer is under investigation tonight for pretending to arrest the 15-year-old boyfriend of his 14-year-old stepdaughter. the incident reportedly occurred on august 30th. that's when the off-duty officer allegedly showed up at the boy's home in full uniform, handcuffed the teen and cited him for unlawful sexual intercourse. we're not releasing the names of the family to protect the two teens involved. legal experts say the officer could have committed false imprisonment. >> putting the handcuffs on the young man, at that point he's deprived him of his liberty and that's possibly where the crime
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occurred. >> the officer's attorney says the officer just wanted to scare the boy. the officer is now on administrative leave. walnut creek police are working on a sketch of the man who tried to lure a 13-year-old boy in his car. it happened at a shopping center at ignacio valley and oak grove record shortly after 4:00 p.m. yesterday. the boy said his -- he was told his mother sent him to pick the boy up. the man ran home to tell his pashes and -- to tell his parents and they called police. a woman is recovering after an accident sent her car into a store in hayward. police say it happened around 10:00 last night at the kraigen auto store. police say the driver veered her car off the road. the business was closed. only the driver was injured. the store is boarded up.
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but it is also open for business. a former cheerleading coach at san francisco state university faces criminal charges after allegedly embezzlingous thousands -- embezzling thousands of dollars from the school. prosecutors say she used the money for her own rent, clothing and vacations. paul chambers is in san francisco with more. paul? >> reporter: julie, in about 45 minutes, the cheerleaders will perform at a pep rally behind men ott campus. this comes after the former cheerleader faces charges for allegedly stealing from the squad. this video shows cheering from last year. the district attorney's office says the money may have been used for herself. >> she paid for rent, food,
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entertainment and also went to las vegas and paid for some of the expenses as well. >> reporter: he goes on to say that ashley nicole haley is accused of taking almost $20,000 from the cheer threading club. haley also served as the squad's treasurer to help pay for cheer camp. >> the cheer threading camp never got the money that the cheerleaders gave to the defendant and they never got the uniforms they paid for. >> 17 members of the squad claim they gave healy money for cheer threading expenses. after finding out the uniform the never arrived, the -- uniforms never arrived, they told the campus. >> what's difficult about this, their families and themselves have suffered losses because of this woman's actions. now, haley was released from jail yesterday and pled not guilty to all 29 counts and
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allegations. her attorney did not return a phone call we placed today. in texas, i'm paul came -- in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. many bottles of formula are being recalled because of possible contamination. beetles and larva were found at a plant in michigan that makes the powdered formula. the recall contains only the powdered container. not liquid. so far no one has gotten sick. to see about your formula go to a nfl woman faced the owner of two farms responsible for the sal none medical law outbreak -- salmonella outbreak from eating those eggs. she said she still suffers from
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symptoms after eating a dessert with tainted eggs. >> it's really been a bad experience. i live with the fear the salmonella is in my body and it's gonna come back. >> lawmakers also questioned farm officials about the unsanitary conditions there, including manure and decaying chicken carcasses that investigators found. one executive wouldn't answer questions. another one pointed answers from chicken feed brought in from an outsideth floorer. that gas leak added to excitement on the first day of school on the campus in hayward. it happened shortly before 8:00 this morning as most students interest already in classes or heading to class. fire officials say good timing and the way the wind was blowing might have helped to keep students from getting sick. the university contains about 14,000 students, they were already self-evacuating from the dorms right next to us. they were upwind away from the
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situation. it took repair crews about two hours to cap the gas line. no one was hurt and classes were not disrupted. onto the weather now. we go to our chief meteorologist, bill mart be. we -- bill martin. >> 2003 have a warmup coming -- we we we have a real warmup. the mechanism will be the wind shift and what's happening right now, the winds out of at alameda are out of the west southwest at 13. that's like this. as we go through the next 24 hours, the winds are gonna come from almost an opposite direction. that's the direction that heats things up. that's what we're looking for as we go into the next 24 hours. the forecast, clear tonight, patchy fog, coast. thursday it starts. but by friday, saturday, sunday, it's really gonna heat up. today the low pressure low- pressure system is still
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lingering a little bit. friday, saturday, sunday, monday high pressure is back. temperatures really increase around here. we can be talking about some fire concerns or -- of course we could -- we would be. this is the -- at matter of air quality. the forecast highs tomorrow, they are up a few degrees over what they were today. no reds yet. but they are getting there. right now we're looking at oranges. those trot 80s looking to the -- those are the 80s looking to the west. tomorrow our warmest temperatures will probably be in the mid-80s. maybe warmer than that. forecast highs, it's warm at the coast. it's warm around the bay. it's even a little bit warmer inland. for the first time in a couple of days we're seeing temperatures in the mid-80s. so you get the picture, the
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five-day forecast coming up with temperatures for areas where you live. 83 in livermore, we got 80 in san jose, 80 in campbell. and then along the coast, instead of 50s you are looking at 60s, maybe some low 70s. five-day forecast starts to heat up around here. indian summer type weather. fire danger increases. we'll update this at 10:00. >> thank you, bill. >> thank you. some marin county firefighters say they will be a real risk to public safety when they lose their jobs and their fire station closes. next week, the golden gate national recreation area will begin closing the fire station in the marin head lands. that area includes rodeo beach and the marin mammal center. >> the fire department's out here for a reason. they obviously determined it was a needed commodity. >> federal officials say the closure is part of a plan to disband the presidio fire
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department. people found dozens of emergency responses performed today. it was all part of an emergency drill. >> great. thank you. >> the functional exercise, various agencies joined forces in case they are ever called upon to join sfo in a real emergency. >> we want them to come in, understand the emergency plan, know where to go and understand the resources that we have, what we need from other places and make sure we can bring them together. >> federal law requires this drill once a year. the next "american idol" title is up for grabs but the judges are finally in place. details are coming up in a moment. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óiy
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okay. so fox put an end to all of the rumors today and unveiled its new lineup of judges for the 10th season of "american idol" singer and actress jennifer lopez, aerosmith lead singer, steven tyler will join randy jackson. you can watch "american idol" right here on ktvu. you will always find more
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"idol" news on our website. just cling on the "american idol" tab. we also know who will be the raiders' quarterback coming this sunday. but firsting the giants and cubs. >> that's right. no margin for -- for error tonight for the giants. with the giants, they are on the wrong end of it. fukodome takes the pitch and that was in the 3rd. chicago has scored one more run and they lead 2-0 in the bottom of the 5th. highlights at 10:00. this is a game chris carter will always remember. he rides and edwin jackson pitch way out to left. it was the first major league home run for carter who started out 0 for 32. the white sox rallied for two. the lead run came home when he
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fond the ball off ziegler. today ends the losing streak at 8 with the 4-3 win. on the same oakland coliseum field, bred gradkowski led the raiders on three second- half scoring drives, including the first touchdown of the season. oakland evened the record at 1- 1. today cable today gradkowski will be the starter on sunday in arizona. >> i think the thing that stood out to me, so you know where i'm coming from, same people, same day, same huddle, same -- it didn't change the plan and yet we were able to go out and run the ball and score some points. he will go out there and do the job. it's his now. we -- where we go from here will be dean sided on how well
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-- will be decided on how well he plays. >> okay. there have you it. we'll have an update tonight at 10:00. a popular bay area restaurant chain could soon become a victim of its own success. coming up, in and out burger has recently grown into one of the region's most popular hamburger chain. the full story in 30 minutes on tv36. that's our report for now. i'm july lay haner. >> i'm frank some somer victim. for -- i'm frank somerville, for all of us here, thank you for joining us.
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the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford. we need jerry mcnerney, small businessman,
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voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. all right. who's next?

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